Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Tempest" by Holly Hook

Tempest (Destroyers, Book 1)From Goodreads: "Life blows for sixteen-year-old Janelle. Ever since moving to Florida, she’s been accidentally breaking people’s arms just by touching them and yanking steel doors off their hinges. Then her new crush, Gary, sees her gray spiral birthmark and tells her she’s a Tempest, able to turn into a hurricane by touching the ocean. Like him. So that’s why she feels ready to explode when she’s at the beach.

As if that’s not lousy enough, all Tempests have to become storms once in their lives. It’s their law…and it’s Janelle’s turn.

No way in hell is Janelle going to kill people, even by accident. So she does what any sane person would do—she runs away from home.

But it’s not long before the Tempest leader discovers and abducts her. Janelle’s told that she’s destined to become the worst hurricane ever. And now she’s the main weapon in the Tempest leader’s plot to hold the world ransom. No way can Janelle live with herself if she kills thousands. But using the power she fears most might be the only way out."

To start off with yes yes the cover is pretty creepy and not like the typical young adult cover we see nowadays with the beautiful and kick-butt female character being held by the swoon-worthy male lead on it, but as the old saying goes don't judge a book by its cover... the story contained within this book pretty awesome and if you pass this one over solely based on the cover, well I think that you are really missing out (and hey, if you buy the E-book you really don't have to look at the cover)! 

In all honesty this is one of the most original young adult paranormal stories I have ever read before, there are no signs of (the oftentimes overplayed) vampires, werewolves, witches, love at first sight, love triangles, and all of that jazz. And as silly as this may sound, this is the best ninety-nine cents I have ever spend before and heck, I would even be willing to pay fifteen or twenty dollars for a hard-copy of this book. This book is fast paced and action packed and the characters are totally likable. 

Since getting my E-reader/ reading E-books I have noticed reviews where people go on and on about how poorly edited indie books are with tons of grammatical errors and whatnot and this book has received its fair share of criticism in this regard. But while reading the book I did not come across any grammatical errors that were glaring obvious (though I should say that I am in no way an editor, I use spell-check as much, if not more, than the next person).  My only complaints about this book was that there there were a few instances where really obvious things were spelled out (things that the reader could have easily grasped themselves) and a few contradictions (a charcter would say one thing in one chapter and the complete opposite in another).

I cannot wait for the next book in this series and I hope that sometime in the near future that Holly will get all of the recognition she deserves for writing such an interesting/ amazing story!

Rating: 9/10


  1. When it comes to indie... you seem to get all types from poorly written to woah. But then... don't you get that with those that are published from big houses? ;)

    This does sound interesting. I may have to look it up when I have some time for myself. Great review.

  2. Totally true Melissa! I feel like back in the day I came across more spelling mistakes in the Harry Potter books (or books along those lines) than I did in this one!

  3. Oh my gosh, this book sounds super exciting, not to mention original. I don't think I've heard of a book with that subject. I love YA, but it seems like the vampire/werewolf/love triangle books are still getting the majority of attention. That's fine, since readers really love those things, but I wish books like this could get a little more attention, too. Thanks for the review!

  4. I actually really like the cover. And really, you can't beat that price if the book tells a PN story that is unique. Sometimes I'm pretty dense so I need things spelled out for me, so I 'm sure I wouldn't even mind that.

    Thanks for letting me know about this title. I think that is one of the best thing about indies and e-readers, getting to know a wide span of books.


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