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Rating System

5/5: LOVED It
4/5: Really Liked It
3/5: Liked It
2/5: It Was Okay
1/5: Didn't Like It

Adornetto, Alexandra "Halo" (2/5)
Agretsi, Aimee "Illuminate" (4/5)
Agretsi, Aimee "Infatuate" (3/5)
Anderson, Derrolyn "Between the Land and the Sea" (5/5)
Anderson, Derrolyn "The Fate of the Muse" (4/5)
Anderson, Derrolyn "The Moon and the Tide" (5/5)
Archer, Jennifer "Through Her Eyes" (2/5) 
Armentrout, Jennifer L. "Half-Blood" (4/5)
Armentrout, Jennifer L. "Obsession" (3/5)
Armentrout, Jennifer L. "Obsidian" (5/5)
Armentrout, Jennifer L. "Onyx" (5/5)
Armentrout, Jennifer L. "Opal" (4/5)
Armentrout, Jennifer L. "Shadows" (3/5)
Armintrout, Jennifer "Queene of Light" (3/5)
Armstrong, Kelley "13" (5/5)
Armstrong, Kelley "The Calling" (5/5)
Armstrong, Kelley "The Gathering" (4/5)
Armstrong, Kelley "The Rising" (4/5)
Aronica, Lou "Blue" (3/5) 
Arreana "Farro" (5/5) 
Arreana "Sulfur" (5/5) 
Ashton, Brodi "Everneath" (3/5)

Balog, Cyn "Sleepless" (2/5)
Banks, Anna "Of Poseidon" (5/5)
Banks, Anna "Of Triton" (2/5)
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn "Raised by Wolves" (2/5) 
Barrett, Tracy "Dark of the Moon" (2/5)
Bickle, Laura "The Hallowed Ones" (3/5)
Black, Holly "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown" (2/5)
Black, Holly "White Cat" (4/5)
Blue, Parker "Bite Me" (5/5)
Blue, Parker "Try Me" (5/5)
Brashares, Ann "Sisterhood Everlasting" (4/5)
Bray, Libba "The Diviners" (3/5)
Brennan, Colina "Addicted to You" (2/5)
Brewer, Heather "Soulbound" (5/5)

Cameron, Chelsea "Deeper We Fall" (5/5)
Cameron, Chelsea "Faster We Burn" (5/5)
Carey, Anna "Eve" (3/5)
Carman, Patrick "Pulse" (2/5)
Carter, Aimee "The Goddess Test" (2/5) 
Charbonneau, Joelle "The Testing" (3/5)
Cass, Kiera "The Selection" (5/5)
Chase, Nicole "Suddenly Royal" (3/5)
Chi Shui, Martin "Dragon's Pupil- The Sword Guest" (1/5)
Childs, Tera Lynn "Sweet Venom" (3/5)
Christopher, Lucy "Stolen" (4/5)
Clare, Cassandra "City of Fallen Angels" (4/5) 
Clare, Cassandra "City of Lost Souls" (4/5)
Clare, Cassandra "Clockwork Princess" (5/5)
Cleave, Chris "Little Bee" (2/5)
Clifford, Leah "A Touch Mortal" (5/5) 
Cohen, Daniel "Masters of the Veil" (1/5)
Collins, Suzanne "Catching Fire" (4/5)
Collins, Suzanne "The Hunger Games" (4/5)
Collins, Suzanne "Mockingjay" (1/5)
Collomore, Anna "The Ruining" (3/5)
Condie, Ally "Crossed" (2/5)
Condie, Ally "Matched" (5/5)
Conrad, Lauren "L.A. Candy" (3/5)
Cremer, Andrea "Nightshade" (3/5)
Cremer, Andrea "Rift" (5/5)
Crewe, Megan "The Lives We Lost" (3/5)
Crewe, Megan "The Way We Fall" (3/5)
Crockett, S.D. "After the Snow" (1/5)

Damico, Gina "Croak" (8/10)
Damico, Gina "Scorch" (3/5)
Davis, Heather "Wherever You Go" (7/10)
Delany, Shannon "13 to Life" (8.5/10)
de Lint, Charles "Under My Skin" (8.5/10)
Derting, Kimberly "The Body Finder" (11/10) 
Derting, Kimberly "Desires of the Dead" (10/10) 
Derting, Kimberly "The Last Echo" (8/10)
Derting, Kimberly "The Pledge" (10/10)
Despain, Bree "The Dark Divine" (8/10)
Despain, Bree "The Lost Saint" (10/10)
DeStefano, Lauren "Fever" (6.5/10)
DeStefano, Lauren "Sever" (5/5)
DeStefano, Lauren "Wither" (8/10)
Desrochers, Lisa "Last Rite" (8/10)
Desrochers, Lisa "Original Sin" (9.5/10)
Desrochers, Lisa "Personal Demons" (10/10)
Downing, Erin "None of the Regular Rules" (3/5)
Drummond, India "Blood Faerie" (7.5/10)
Drummond, India "Ordinary Angels" (7.5/10) 
Duncan, Megan "Indulge" (7.5/10)
Duncan, Megan "Released" (7.5/10) 
Duncan, Megan "Savor" (7.5/10)
Durst, Sarah Beth "Enchanted Ivy" (8.5/10)

Ee, Susan "Angelfall" (7.5/10)

Falls, S.K. "Secret for a Song" (3/5)
Fantaskey, Beth "Jessica's Guide to Dating the Dark Side" (7/10)
Fantaskey, Beth "Jessica Rules the Dark Side" (8/10)
Fine, Chelsea "Anew" (10/10)
Forman, Gayle "If I Stay" (4/5)
Forman, Gayle "Where She Went" (5/5)
Franklin, Michelle "Khantara" (9/10)
Franklin, Michelle "Tales From Frewyn" (9/10)
Franklin, Michelle "The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu" (10/10)
Friend, Natasha "My Life in Black and White"(8/10)

Gardner, Scot "The Dead I Know" (6.5/10)
Garvey, Amy "Cold Kiss" (8/10) 
Glines, Abbi "Fallen Too Far" (5/5)
Glines, Abbi "Never Too Far" (5/5)
Glines, Abbi "Twisted Perfection" (4/5)
Goeglein, T.M. "Cold Fury" (9.5/10)
Gratton, Tessa "Blood Magic" (7.5/10)
Green, Jon "The Fault In Our Stars" (7/10)
Greer, Annie and Tim Vandehey "The Chimp Who Loved Me" (9/10)

Habel, Lia "Dearly, Departed" (10/10)
Hahn, Mary Downing "Mister Death's Blue-Eyed Girls" (6.5/10)
Harrison, Mette Ivie "Tris and Izzie" (4/10)
Harvey, Alyxandra "Haunting Violet" (10/10)
Hawkins, Rachel "Demonglass" (10/10)
Hawkins, Rachel "Hex Hall" (10/10)
Henry, April "Girl, Stolen" (6/10) 
Hilley II, Leonard D. "Beyond the Darkness" (10/10)
Hilley II, Leonard D. "Predators of Darkness: Aftermath" (10/10) 
Hilley II, Leonard D. "The Game of Pawns" (8.5/10) 
Hinton, S.E. "The Outsiders" (4/5)
Hocking, Amanda "Wake" (7/10)
Hodkin, Michelle "The Evolution of Mara Dyer" (5/5)
Hodkin, Michelle "The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer" (7/10)
Holder, Amy "The Lipstick Laws" (7/10)
Hook, Holly "Tempest" (9/10)

Johnson, Elana "Possession" (8/10)
Johnson, Elana "Surrender" (10/10)
Jones, Carrie "Captivate" (6.5/10)
Jones, Carrie "Entice" (6.5/10) 
Jones, Carrie "Need" (10/10)
Jordan, Sophie "Firelight" (7.5/10) 

Kagawa, Julie "The Eternity Cure" (3/5)
Kagawa, Julie "The Immortal Rules" (8/10)
Kagawa, Julie "The Iron Daughter" (9/10)
Kagawa, Julie "The Iron King" (7/10)
Kagawa, Julie "The Iron Queen" (10/10)
Karchut, Darby "Griffin Rising" (8/10)
Karr, Julia "XVI" (10/10)
Karras, Allison "Drowning in the Dark" (8.5/10)
Kate, Lauren "Passion" (8.5/10)
Kate, Lauren "Torment" (8/10)
Kemmerer, Brigid "Spark" (5/5)
Kemmerer, Brigid "Spirit" (3/5)
Kenneally, Miranda "Stealing Parker" (2/5)
Kenneally, Miranda "Things I Can't Forget" (4/5)
Kenyon, Sherrilyn "Infinity" (6/10)
King, Wesley "The Vindico" (9/10)
Kontis, Alethea "Enchanted" (7.5/10)
Kotecki, Nathan "The Suburban Strange" (2/5)
Kress, Adrienne "The Friday Society" (4/5)

Larry, Natasha "Darwin's Children" (9/10) 
Larter, Nadine Rose "Coffee At Little Angels (9/10) 
LaFevers, Robin "Dark Triumph" (5/5)
LaFevers, Robin "Grave Mercy" (8/10)
Laybourne, Emmy "Monument 14" (8/10)
Lewis, Komal "Impossible" (3/5)
Lo, Malinda "Adaptation" (4/5)
Lo, Malinda "Inheritance" (2/5)
Lore, Pittacus "I am Number Four" (7/10)
Lunetta, Demitria "In the After" (3/5)
Lynn, J. "Wait For You" (3/5)

Mass, Sarah J. "Crown of Midnight" (5/5)
Maas, Sarah J. "Throne of Glass" (4/5)
MacCullough, Carolyn "Once a Witch" (8.5/10)
Mafi, Tahereh "Shatter Me" (Infinity/10)
Mafi, Tahereh "Unravel Me" (5/5)
Mandanna, Sangu "The Lost Girl" (5/5)
Marion, Isaac "Warm Bodies" (3/5)
McClintock, Nora "She Said/ She Saw" (7.5/10) 
McGarry, Katie "Dare You To" (3/5)
McGarry, Katie "Pushing the Limits" (5/5)
McMurry, Kate "Girl vs. Ghost" (6.5/10) 
McNeil, Gretchen "Possess" (10/10)
Millay, Katja "The Sea of Tranquility" (5/5)
Mead, Richelle "Bloodlines" (10/10) 
Mead, Richelle "The Golden Lily" (10/10)
Mead, Richelle "The Indigo Spell" (4/5)
Mead, Richelle "The Last Sacrifice" (10/10)
Meyer, Marissa "Cinder" (9/10)
Meyer, Marissa "Scarlet" (5/5)
Michelle, P.T. "Brightest Kind of Dark" (8.5/10)
Miller, Aaronni "Lorelei and the Sirens" (5.5/10) 
Milner Halls, Kelly "Girl Meets Boy" (6/10)
Montague, Kimberly "Altered" (10/10)

Neill, Chloe "Drink Deep" (7/10)
Neill, Chloe "Friday Night Bites" (8.5/10) 
Neill, Chloe "Hard Bitten" (10/10)
Neill, Chloe "Some Girls Bite" (10/10)
Neill, Chloe "Twice Bitten" (9.5/10) 
Noel, Alyson "Fated" (8/10)

Olive, Avery "A Stiff Kiss" (9/10)
Oliver, Jana "The Demon Trapper's Daughter" (10/10)
Oliver, Lauren "Delirium" (9.5/10)
Oliver, Tess "Camille" (10/10)

Patrick, Cat "Revived" (8/10)
Patterson, Aaron "Airel" (6/10)
Patterson, James "Witch and Wizard" (8.5/10)
Paul, Fiona "Venom" (3/5)
Perez, Marlene "Dead Is A Battlefield" (6.5/10)
Perez, Marlene "Dead Is A Killer Tune" (3/5)
Perkins, Stephanie "Anna and the French Kiss" (10/10) 
Perkins, Stephanie "Lola and the Boy Next Door" (10/10)
Pfeffer, Susan Beth "Blood Wounds" (9/10)
Pfeffer, Susan Beth "Life As We Knew It" (4/5)
Philbin, Joanna "Rules of Summer" (2/5)
Pickett, Michelle K. "Pods" (4/5)
Pike, Aprilynne "Destined" (8/10)
Pike, Aprilynne "Earthbound" (4/5)
Pike, Aprilynne "Illusions" (10/10)
Pike, Aprilynne "Wings" (10/10)
Pine, Katherine "After Eden" (6.5/10)
Plum, Amy "Die For Me" (10/10)

Redwine, C.J. "Defiance" (7.5/10)
Reichs, Kathy "Virals" (10/10)
Revis Beth "Across the Universe" (10/10)
Rice, Morgan "Betrayed" (6.5/10)
Rice, Morgan "Destined" (7.5/10)
Rice, Morgan "Loved" (7.5/10)
Rice, Morgan "Turned" (7/10)
Richards, Elizabeth "Black City" (2/5)
Rose, Imogen "Equilibrium" (10/10)
Rose, Imogen "Portal" (9.5/10)
Roth, Veronica "Divergent" (10/10)
Roth, Veronica "Insurgent" (8/10)
Rowe, Brian "Happy Birthday To Me" (6.5/10)

Schreiber, Ellen "Once in a Full Moon" (6/10)
Schreiber, Joe "Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick" (7.5/10)
Schreiber, Joe "Percy's Killer Playlist" (3/5)
Schwab, Victoria "The Archived" (3/5)
Scott, Inara "Radiant Desire" (8.5/10)
Scott, Inara "The Candidates" (10/10)
Scott, Inara "The Marked" (7/10)
Seresin, Lynn "Thin Air" (8/10)
Sheridan, Kellie "Mortality" (4/5)
Shultz, Cara Lyn "Spellbound" (10/10) 
Simmons, Kristen "Article 5" (9/10)
Simmons, Kristen "Breaking Point" (3/5)
Sinclair, Jools "44" (10/10)
Sinclair, Jools "44: Book 2" (7/10)
Smith-Ready, Jerry "Shade" (9/10)
Smith-Ready, Jerry "Shift" (8/10) 
Sokoloff, Alexandra "The Space Between" (6/10)
St. Crow, Lili "Betrayals" (9/10) 
St. Crow, Lili "Defiance" (11/10)
St. Crow, Lili "Jealousy" (10/10) 
St. Crow, Lili "Reckoning" (10/10)
St. Crow, Lili "Strange Angels" (10/10)
Stevens, E.J. "Legend of Witchtrot Road" (9.5/10)
Stevens, E.J. "She Smells the Dead" (9/10)
Stevens, E.J. "Spirit Storm" (9/10)
Stiefvater, Maggie "Forever" (10/10)
Stiefvater, Maggie "Linger" (10/10)
Stiefvater, Maggie "Shiver" (10/10)
Stoltz, Adrienne "Lucid" (4/5)
Strohm, Stephanie Kate "Confederates Don't Wear Couture" (2/5)
Strohm, Stephanie Kate "Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink" 3/5
Swank, Denise Grover "Chosen" (9/10)
Swank, Denise Grover "Here" (10/10) 
Swank, Denise Grover "Hunted" (7.5/10)
Swank, Denise Grover "Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes" (8/10)

Taylor, Laini "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" (7/10)
Taylor, Laini "Days of Starlight and Blood" (5/5)
Thomas, Lex "Quarantine: The Loners" (2/5)
Thomas, Lex "Quarantine: The Saints" (3/5)
Trent, Tiffany "The Unnaturalists" (6/10)

Van Leer, Samantha and Picoult, Jodi "Between The Lines" (8/10)
Vincent, Rachel "Before I Wake" (8/10)
Vincent, Rachel "Blood Bound (10/10)
Vincent, Rachel "If I Die" (10/10)
Vincent, Rachel "My Soul to Keep" (9/10)
Vincent, Rachel "My Soul to Save" (7.5/10)
Vincent, Rachel "My Soul to Steal" (9/10)
Vincent, Rachel "My Soul to Take" (7.5/10)
Voorhes, Coert "In Too Deep" (3/5)

Webber, Tammara "Easy" (3/5)
Wells, Dan "Partials" (8/10)
Weyn, Suzanne "Empty" (7/10)
White, Kiersten "Paranormalcy" (9/10)
White, Kiersten "Supernaturally" (9/10) 

Yancey, Rick "The 5th Wave" (3/5)
York, Kelley "Hushed" (9/10) 
Young, Moira "Blood Red Road" (8/10)
Young, Samantha "Smokeless Fire" (10/10)

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