Friday, August 5, 2011

"Betrayed" by Morgan Rice

Betrayed (Book #3 in the Vampire Journals)From Goodreads: "In BETRAYED (Book #3 in the Vampire Journals), Caitlin Paine awakes from a deep coma to discover she has been turned. Now a true, full-bred vampire, she marvels at her new powers, including her ability to fly, and her superhuman strength. She finds that her true love, Caleb, is still by her side, waiting patiently for her to recover. She has everything she could dream of.

Until it all, suddenly, goes terribly wrong.

Caitlin is horrified to discover Caleb with his ex-wife, Sera, and before Caleb has a chance to explain, Caitlin tells him to leave. Heartbroken, confused, Caitlin wants to curl up and die, her only consolation being in her wolf-pup Rose.

Caitlin also finds consolation in her new surroundings. She finds she has been placed on a hidden island in the Hudson River—Pollepel—amidst an elite coven of teenage vampires, boys and girls alike, 24 in all, including her. She learns that this is a place for outcasts, just like her, and as she meets her new best friend, Polly, and begins her training in elite vampire combat, she realizes that she might finally have a place to call home.

But a major vampire war is looming, and her brother Sam is still out there, kidnapped by Samantha. The evil Kyle, too, now wielding the mythical Sword, is still on the warpath, and he will stop at nothing to wipe out New York. Caitlin, despite her new home, and despite her finding a new love interest in the elusive vampire Blake, knows that she can only stay on this island for so long before her destiny calls. After all, she is still the One, and all eyes still look to her to find her father and the other weapon that might save them all.

Torn between her new friends and her lingering feelings for Caleb, she must come to decide where her true loyalties lie, and whether she is willing to risk it all to try to find Caleb and have him in her life once again….

BETRAYED is Book #3 in the Vampire Journals (following TURNED and LOVED), and yet it also stands alone as a self-contained novel. BETRAYED is over 60,000 words."

Much like with the second book in this series, "Loved", I find myself conflicted about how I truly feel about it. On the one hand I found myself enjoying the (majority of) characters much more in this book than I had in the earlier books (seriously, I never thought that I would find myself sympathizing, let almost actually like Sera, Caitlin's nemesis/ Caleb's ex, but I did- nor did I ever expect to find myself liking Sam once again). However, on the other hand, I found the plot of this book to be be cliched, and dare I say it, "Twilight"-esque (I absolutely hate playing the "Twilight" card, but what transpires at the end of this book is totally reminiscent of "Breaking Dawn"), while in the earlier books the plot had, in my opinion, been quite unique.

As mentioned, I found myself liking the majority of characters much more in this book than the others, however, Caitlin was not one of them. In my review of "Turned" I stated that I believed that Caitlin had the potential to be a really kick-ass female character, much like Merit, Dru, or Rose, however, after having read this book I know that she can never hold her own against those females. Much of what she does she does without any thought (and not even like "Vampire Academy's" Rose who says things without giving them any thought and kicks herself later for it), Caitlin seriously does things with NO. THOUGHT. AT. ALL. (and usually she gives no thought at all to the stupidest/ most common sense things ever- ie. leaving the sword behind, the sword which has the power to basically humankind/ vampirekind FOREVER).

Furthermore, insta-love (or close to it) happens once again in this book (and while I could have maybe accepted it had it been between two newly introduced characters it wasn't. It was between Caitlin and Blake- basically they lock eyes at a distance and she cannot get him out of his mind, even though she is in love with Caleb).  

All in all, I do think that this book's premise does fall a bit flat, however, I am hoping that the series will be able to regain its stride in the next book of the series, "Destined".

Rating: 6.5/10

I received this book from the author to read and honestly review. I was not compensated in any way for said review.

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