Friday, September 17, 2010

"Beastly" by Alex Flinn

Okie dokie, so I am a huge sucker when it comes to feel good/ romancey stories. I have read countless mindless teen girl novels (though I know that they are super unrealistic) pretty much just for the endings (let's be honest, we all know that everything is going to work out perfectly and the story's couple is going to get together and live happily ever after).

So last year (?) when I saw the trailer for the movie "Beastly" I just knew that it was  going to be something I would love (it has fantasy, romance and an Olsen sister- an amazing combination if I do say so myself!)... After watching the trailer on Youtube a gazillion times I then found out in the comments below that the movie was actually based on Alex Flinn's novel entitled as the same. I knew I had to get my hands on a copy of the novel, but between now and then I kinda got distracted by other books.

A few weeks back, when I happened to stumble across the trailers once again on Youtube, I remembered to put a hold on it and then promptly forgot about the novel once again. This morning after I had just finished the book I had been reading and was moaning and groaning about what to read next, imagine my surprise when my mom comes home and brings me the library's copy of the forgotten book! So with nothing to do, save for a few crafty items (seriously, first week back at school? I feel so useless because I don't really have anything school-wise to do, except for a couple of short readings, whereas all of my friends are already bombarded by gigantic essays and whatnot), I started reading the novel.

Because it's a short read, I had it done within a couple of hours and after reading it, I must admit that I am kinda disappointed. Obviously not with the idea (SPOILER ALERT) that Kyle and Lindy get together (remember, me= sucker for romance), but that the movie made the book look so much cooler than it actually is... I think that this may be the same case as "Pride and Prejudice", I love the "Pride and Prejudice" movie so much, it is one of my all time favourites, but the book is just kinda "meh", which I find surprising considering the fact that usually movies are so much worse than the books (anyone remember the "Eragon" movie? Nope! Because it tanked/ sucked so badly, whereas the books? FANTABULOUS!).

In the book Kyle (who is turned into the beast) is an honest to goodness beast, all furry and resembling a combination of a lion/bear/dog-ish thing... In the movie? A really awesome ass looking guy with tats everywhere (oh how I dream of getting a tat sometime when I grow up). Oh and what does the movie have that the book doesn't have? Friggin' Alex Pettyfer (aka one of the most perfect boys ever- seriously, he would be hands down the perfect Jace- my favourite male character EVER, found in Cassandra Claire's "Mortal Instruments" series, the book series I just finished reading before reading "Beastly"). And I dunno, besides that... I just can't explain why I think that the movie looks soooo much cooler than the book really is (I know, kinda lame explanations and whatnot). But I just love that sometimes when I see a movie trailer I get goosebumps in anticipation of how awesome it is going to be, and I just never really felt like that when reading the book. 

But yes, I will leave you the trailer (and maybe you will feel those gosh darn goosebumps too)...

And also, if the movie ends up being crappy, I will be heartbroken... And what the fudge is with them changing the movie's release date? I was so excited to see it this past June (or July) when it was supposed to be released, but they ended up changing the release date until MARCH OF NEXT YEAR! Ugh....!!!

And speaking of Alex Pettyfer, I totally just remembered about a book called "I Am Number Four" that I was debating about whether or not to buy last week (I think that I must), apparently the book is being turned into a movie and he is playing in it!!!!!

Book count:
80) City of Ashes by Cassandra Claire
81) City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
82) Beastly by Alex Flinn


  1. Okay, so what did you think of the movie? He still had the whole greenhouse thing going on.

    I read the book before I heard of the movie. It was nice and sweet. Beauty and the Beast and all. Quick read. But I knew the movie was aimed at an older audience where the book would be for younger YA or even older middle grade.

    I did love the online chats in the book.

    But I love your Pettyfer enthusiasm :)


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