Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Authors are Rockstars: Chloe Neill Interview + Giveaway

Today I am beyond excited to have Chloe Neill, one of my most favourite authors, stop by the blog for part of the Authors are Rockstars tour. In case you are unfamiliar with Chloe, she is the author of the "Chicagoland Vampires" (adult) and "The Dark Elite" series (YA).

Why do I think that Chloe Neill is a Rockstar Author? Let me count the ways:

  • Caroline Evelyn Merit, better known as Merit: Perchance one of the strongest female characters I have ever met. She isn't afraid to get the job done (nor get her hands dirty in the process), she knows how to use a katana like no other, and she's not just another pretty face- she has just as much, if not more, brains than beauty. 
  • Ethan Sullivan: If you have yet to be introduced to Ethan than I truly pity you. Your world is not complete without firsthand knowledge of his bright green eyes, long blond hair, and muscles on his muscles (think Chris Hemsworth. Times a million). 
  • Jeff Christopher: I don't think that there exists a more so-nerdy-that-he-is-adorable sidekick. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the boy is a Shapeshifter. 
  • Catcher Bell: His dry wit and unforgiving attitude brings the funnies like no other. 
  • Chuck Merit: The grandpa that you always wished that you had- plus, he's the liaison between the various supernatural races and humans AKA ONLY THE COOLEST JOB EVER.
Are you convinced to read these books yet? If not, perhaps Chloe herself will be able to in our interview!

The eighth book of your Chicagoland Vampires series is soon to hit shelves- how does that make you feel? Do you get as excited with each new release as you were with the release of "Some Girls Bite"?

I think it's much less surreal now than it had been when SOME GIRLS BITE was released, but there's absolutely always that sense of excitement and anticipation. I really love Merit, and I hope others enjoy her stories, as well.

With eight books in the series under your belt, and two more planned, how do you keep the story lines fresh?

I try to keep my mind fresh. I read, watch television, keep up with graphic design and fashion, love American history. I think diving into all those various subjects gives me tidbits to include in the books.

I think that a lot of readers, female especially, will agree that Ethan is their most favourite of the series- who is your favourite character?

Interesting question. Ethan is definitely one of the easiest to write. His voice is very distinctive, so it's easy for me to imagine his diction. Jeff is another favorite, because he's so noble and honorable. People don't give him enough credit because they see him as a "geek." He is that, and many other things, too. Merit has a lot of me in her, so it's less that she's a "favorite" than "part of me." :)

On the note of favourites, what is your most favourite of the supernatural beings? If you had to be one type of being, which would you choose?

I would like to be any type of being that could fly. It's my preferred secret power. :) Beyond that, probably a vampire.I'd miss the sun, but immortality and strength are pretty good.

Both of your series, Chicagoland Vampires and Dark Elite are set in Chicago. What does the city mean to you? Why feature it so prominently?

It's a city of contrasts, which I find really, really interesting. Great food, amazing architecture. But also poverty and crime. It's a city with meat on its bones, and there's always something I can use to make the CV books pop.

Quick Questions

Ethan or Morgan? Ethan, always. There's something odd going on with Morgan.
Monsters under the bed or monsters in the closet? Under the bed alligators.
Adult or YA? Adult, although I'm reading mostly nonfiction right now.
TV or film? TV. I rarely watch movies. I have a miserably short attention span. :)
Starbucks or Diet Coke? DIET COKE. In large quantities. :)

Special thanks to Jamie and Rachel of Rockstar Book Tours and Chloe Neill!

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  1. Love these books and love this giveaway! If I could be a supernatural creature I would probably want to be some kind of Phoenix. They can fly, are probably pretty sexy and I love fire.

  2. I want to be a vampire. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Love nerdy shapeshifters. I wanna be one! :D I need to read this series.

  4. Thanks so much for being a host Avery <3333


  5. sounds fantastic thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm not really sure. I suppose either a vampire or shifter, though leaning more towards vampire

  7. I definitely need to read this series!

    Maybe a vampire or a shapeshifter.

  8. Seelie fae....or a dragon shifter!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  9. Wow, this is awesome! I've been wanting to read this series.Thanks for sharing.



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