Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Rating System

So I thought that it would be appropriate since I am reviewing books and whatnot to create a rating system...

And here it goes:

10) Fantabulous book that YOU MUST READ (and then promptly go out and buy)! This book will change your life. Seriously.
9) Still a really great book that you will really like (but I am not going to compel you to go buy it ASAP- you can buy it on your own time- but you will still eventually buy it).
8) A really good book (as opposed to a really great book). I'd still probably buy it (but then again I am crazy with my book buying).
7) Just a good book... Just borrow it from your library.
6) A good(ish) mindless book to read when there isn't anything else to read (and you are really, really desperate).
5) Not a good book, not a bad book.
4) Ugh... Don't bother.
3) I would not recommend this book to my worst enemy.
2) If I had a magical power it would be the power to make this book never to have been written.
1) I couldn't finish reading it because it was either super terrible or boring. I am furious that I wasted my time I could have spent reading something (anything!) else. Duck for cover... I will be throwing big things...

I think it's kinda funny... :)

1 comment:

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