Friday, May 20, 2011

Interview With Author Michelle Franklin+ GIVEAWAY

 I posted my review of Michelle's "The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu" yesterday and I absolutely loved it therefore I obviously jumped at the opportunity to interview the author of such a fatabulous book!

Why writing?
I've been telling stories and writing them since grade 4. It's the most natural thing in the world to me. 

What would you be doing if you weren't a writer?
Probably crying in a cave somewhere. I cannot imagine my life without writing, actually. I would probably take up the oral tradition of storytelling if I couldn't write. Telling a story is most important to me and I know I would find some way or other to do it. 

How has the online community responded to your writing?
Unnaturally supportive. I cannot believe my good fortune on that account. I started posting the stories online last year and both sites, old and new, have gained over 40,000 viewers and all of them with only positive comments. I love and bless every one of my readers and thank them for being forbearing of my bad spelling. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your books from?
I find inspiration from anything, whether a market, a custom or a song, etc. Anything for me could be a story, and I make a point of writing down everything. I never know what will grow to be a new chapter or even a new book. 

What are you reading right now?
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen 

Favourite authors?
Early David Eddings and Late Jane Austen works. 

Favourite character you have written?
If I do not say Rautu, I know I'm going to be in trouble. In truth, however, they are all my favourites. They are my family and my friends, and many of them have been with me for a while. To choose one would be to shame another. 

Favourite character another author has written?
I think Barak, Hettar, Silk and Belgarath from the Belgariad are certainly characters that I wish I had written. 


One winner will receive an e-book copy of Michelle's "The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu". All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment on this post with a valid email address that I can use to contact you if you win! Giveaway ends Wednesday May 25th.

The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu: Book 1 in the Haanta seriesFrom Goodreads: "Captain MacDaede and Frewyn's armed forces face defeat at the hands of the Galleisian infantry. The young captain searches for men to join the fight and defend their homeland when she finds a mysterious and mountainous creature sitting within the hold of the armoury. Seeing no other choice than to enlist the help of everyone she can to save their kingdom, she asks the callous colossus for assistance in exchange for his freedom. She realizes that he is one of the Haanta, a reticent race of noble giants who follow a strict code of conduct and do not deviate from their tasks.

When the impossible battle for their outpost is won, Captain MacDaede is made Commander of Frewyn's armies and honours her promise to giant responsible for their victory. When the giant claims he must redeem himself in the eyes of his leaders to be called back to his home, the commander offers him a place at her side to continue to defend her nation against invasion and the giant reluctantly agrees.

One year later, Frewyn has suppressed the Galleisian threat and the Den Asaan Rautu receives an invitation to return to his home with honour. When he extends the offer to the Frewyn commander she readily accepts. But when the commander and the Den Asaan arrive at Sanhedhran's white shores, they uncover a plan of war by the neighboring Thellisian Empire that will change the relationship between the Haanta and Frewyn forever."

Special thanks goes out to Michelle!

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