Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jace Wayland Cast in TMI Series!

As y'all have probably guesstimated by now (since I am always going on and on about it) Cassie Clare's "Mortal Instruments" series is my most favourite book series of all time therefore I am beyond excited to announce that Jace Wayland (aka the most swoon-worthy boy of all time) has been cast in the film adaptation!

At first I was totally Team Alex, but after a couple of months of negotiations I started to realize that the reality of him becoming Jace was pretty slim. Therefore when names like Max Irons, Jamie Campbell Bower, and the likes of were thrown around for the role of Jace, Jamie quickly became the frontrunner in my mind (especially after seeing Max Iron's kinda cruddy role in "Red Riding Hood"- seriously, did he say more than 10 words in that film?) because well.... Look at him! I can totally picture him as Jace! And I personally feel that he looks quite a bit younger than Alex (remember Jace is only supposed to be 16 in the books/ film and if they were to make every book in the series- 6 in total- they wouldn't want him to look all that old right off the bat, they would want him to grow throughout the films a la "Harry Potter" actors).

Anyways, what are your thoughts? Do you feel, like I do, that Jamie makes a perfect Jace?


  1. I love him for the role! Frankly, I am a little tired of Alex P.'s diva behaviour.

  2. I haven't read this series (I KNOW! Shame on me!) but I've been following all the Jace casting drama on the blogs and I have to say I'm happy with this guy. I'm not crazy about Alex Pettyfer at all. He seems so self-involved and melodramatic, and Jamie Campbell-Bower is smiling and happy in all the photos I've seen of him. Seems like a much nicer person, and from what I've gathered fits the character well. Plus, I have lifelong solidarity with anyone from the Harry Potter movies. So, considering I should have no opinion, I'm happy with the casting! I definitely feel like reading the books before the movie comes out now!

  3. I haven't read the series yet, but he looks like the cover. :)

  4. @Aylee and @Stephanie, I KNOW! Alex appears to just be so gosh darn frustrating with his ego! The only time you hear about Jamie in the media is when he is talking about his marriage preparations with Bonnie Wright and that is totally cute and swoon-worthy! Alex's attitude? Not so much!

    And I was thinking about it... I personally feel that Alex is way too put together, almost like he has to sit in front of a mirror to get his hair to look perfect and that isn't Jace at all, he just kinda runs his hands through his hair and is off, and I imagine Jamie to be kinda the same.

    But yes, I am one happy camper! ;)

  5. When they announced this I had no idea who this was. (Yes, I'm totally not up on the actors behind the movie. But if they film this at Sony in Los Angeles I will be stalking the production.)

    I only heard the one Alex drama situation and that one reporter totally got it wrong about him disparaging women. After that I kinda turned off.

    Jace is such an amazing character so I hope this guy does a good job fitting the role. Fingers crossed. You did choose a good pic to post, though!

  6. I think Alex is way cuter and has that Jace about him. but I don't think Jamie Campbell is a bad choice. He can play the part as long as they don't make him look like they did in twilight im all for it!

  7. oh my god NOOOO i am almost in tears!!!!!!!! wwhhyyyy?!!!!!!!!!!?????????? i wanted Alex sooo bad!!!! this guy does not look like him at alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well only this pic does a little!!!!!!!! omg i called up like 5 people complaining NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(


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