Friday, October 26, 2012

Author Interview: M.X. Kremzen

Today I am excited to have M.X. Kremzen, author of DARK RISING, stop by the blog to talk whether they prefer unicorns or Sasquatches how big of an impact cover art has on readers, and why they decided to go indie! 

From Goodreads: "The ancient and powerful Arcana have fallen.

The knowledge they recorded was lost. The artifacts they gathered from civilizations throughout the universe have been destroyed. Their ability to harness the powers of dark matter couldn’t save them. Many are dead. The rest are scattered. And the vengeful defector that brought them down has begun his hunt for the remaining survivors.

When sixteen-year-old Alexander learns he’s an Arcana, the hunt is already underway. All his gadgets, books, and plans to run away have to be put aside. And when James, the young alien instructed to take him to safety lapses him into the heart of enemy territory to settle a personal score, Alexander has no choice but to accept the responsibilities placed on him. That includes learning to wield his new-found dark matter abilities, even though he’d rather not. But nothing is as simple as it seems. Secrets have been kept. A truth has been hidden for thousands of years. If Alexander doesn’t learn who and what he actually is in time, it’s not just his life he’ll lose. Entire worlds will die with him."

Describe DARK RISING in five words or less.
Knowledge is power.

How many books do you intend for your THE DARK MATTERS CHRONICLES?
As of now, it's a trilogy but there's a good chance it will end up being 4 or 5 books. It all depends on where the natural breaks in books 2 and 3 are, and if the books can be separated without compromising the integrity or quality of the storyline.

What are some upcoming projects that you're working on?

I'm working on book 2 of The Dark Matter Chronicles series right now. I have tons of other ideas for more books but they will have to wait!

Who would be your dream cast if DARK RISING were to become a film?

This is always fun to think about! I would cast Andrew Garfield as Alexander (the protagonist) and Robert Pattinson as Psi (the antagonist).

How did you come to the decision to go indie?

This year, the Mars rover landed, the discovery of the Higgs Boson was made, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was announced, and superheroes were more popular than ever. I felt that a book that touched on the themes of space, science, technology, fantasy, adventure, superheroes, and war, (as my novel does), should be out in the world right now. Traditional publishing is great, but it takes a very long time to find a publisher and then get a book onto the shelves. The process takes years. With indie publishing, I can release the book now and build the series over time with a great deal of flexibility. There are also a few things about my book that aren't conventional so I can write what I want with no restrictions. For instance, Dark Rising is little more about Psi (villain) than Alexander (hero). The divide between good and evil will blur further into the series as well. Indie publishing will let me change and the break rules a little more easily.

I personally love your cover- how big of an impact do you believe that cover art has on readers?

Thank you! My designer, Iva Holovac, did a wonderful job of capturing the tone I wanted. A book cover is very important because it informs the reader's first impression and gives clues as to what the story is about. A good cover will draw you to the shelves and a bad cover will keep you from reading a single page.

Being an indie author what impact (if any) have book bloggers had on your career?

In the past couple of months, I've connected with a lot of indie authors and one thing is clear: book bloggers are crucial to building a readership. They are champions of indie publishing! My career has just started so I can't say what the exact impact has been so far, but I know it will help a great deal in getting me on my way.

Do you read reviews of your book? If so, how do you respond to negative (or not-so-nice) reviews?

I have gotten a few reviews and I did read them. So far, they've been great! But I have to say, I'm looking forward to getting some negative ones. Negative reviews should be welcomed because sometimes they can help you grow and improve as an author. I also think that if no one disagrees with you or dislikes your book, you haven't offered the world anything new.

Any advice for aspiring authors?
Writing is not easy. It involves discipline and hard work. You'll have days when you want to give up and that's alright. Let yourself have that moment when you feel like you can't do it and your book is not good enough. Get it out of your system. Then pick yourself up and get back to work because all that matters is that you keep writing.

This or That

Unicorn or Sasquatch? Unicorns, because where there are unicorns, there is magic (and hopefully dragons).

Dogs or cats? Both. Dogs will love you unconditionally while cats will remind you of your place in the world.

Coffee or coke? Coffee. It is the elixir that begets written words.

Music while writing or no music? I spend a lot of time in coffee shops so light music is nice in the background. When I write at home, it's too distracting.

Typing on a computer or writing in a notebook? Both. Computer for writing and notebooks for ideas. I'm never without one or the other.

Reading a book or watching TV? Both. Books let you create alongside the author, while TV invites you into a completed experience. They're different mediums but both have something to offer as far as stories go.

Batman or Superman? Batman. Not everyone is born with great abilities but everyone can choose to be great, even in small ways.

About the Author: 
Excerpt from a non-existent wildlife documentary on authors:

A Kremzen is an odd, neurotic breed that lurks in coffee shops and tiny apartments. Its nerdy tendencies make it fond of superheroes, quantum physics, futuristic technology, LOL cats, and stars. This particular Kremzen has a severe addiction to cake and coffee.

When not falling flat on its face or accidentally running into furniture, it can be found parked in front of a screen, creating stories. It has an equally strange assortment of friends and has made itself a comfortable home in Toronto.


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