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Questions That Will (Hopefully) Be Resolved in "Defiance" ("Strange Angels" Book 4)

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you read the following if you have not read the first three books in the "Strange Angel" series. 

On March 31st, 2011 (so soon!!!!) "Defiance" the fourth book in Lili St. Crow's "Strange Angels" series will be released. There have been so many unanswered questions in this series that I decided to compile a list (thanks Aylee for the idea> Aylee made a great list of questions she hoped would be answered in TMI series by Cassie Clare) of questions that I hope will be answered- besides the obvious questions like "Will Dru save Graves?", "How will Dru adjust to being the head of the Council?", and whatnot (and some of these questions could be total misses and I was just being crazy thinking that they were important).

What in the world is bonding? 
In all of the vampire stories I have read typically when one bonds with another vampire it means that they share blood and become partners, like romantic partners with one another. I think that that would explain why everyone freaked out when they found out that Dru had allowed Christophe to drink her blood (and vice versa)- that perhaps it could have resulted in them bonding and that no one would want her to do with with Christophe because everyone is under the impression that he is not on their side (whatever side that is). 

What exactly is the black-dark/ aura-dark?
I think that this is kinda like bloodlust, what happens when people become more animalistic than human (or in this case more vampire-like) and therefore they cannot go out in the sun and whatnot.

What does it mean to be "in shadow" and how does one go about becoming "in shadow"?
So Anna's guards used to always go "in shadow" in "Jealousy" and I want to know all about it! Does this mean that they just slink away and literally hide in the shadows? Or do they become all but invisible? Does everyone have this ability? It doesn't really seem so, because if they all did, wouldn't they use it more often? 

Why is Ash so protective of Dru? 
I have that little conspiracy theory in my review of "Betrayals" that perhaps Ash was Dru's mothers best friend, much like Graves is Dru's best friend and that because Elizabeth died Ash feels like he has to protect her daughter, hence him being protective of Dru.

Why did Graves leave Dru? 
I don't understand whatsoever why he left her. Because she wasn't fully honest with him? I hate to break it to you boy, but girl wasn't 100% honest with you all of the time- in fact she only gave you the bare minimum of truth for the majority of the story and in all of those instances you never seemed to mind all that much. What exactly happened with his home life? His mom was beat by her boyfriends? And seeing Dru all beaten up was the straw that broke his back?

Is Chris a glutter because he smells like apple pie? 
The boys told Dru that if a male Dhamphir were to consume blood that it would be easy to tell that he did because he would have a distinctive smell, something spicy smelling or whatnot. It is almost impossible to tell if a svetocha is a glutter because they always have that distinctive smell because of all of that fun stuff that girlies get to go through during puberty. Dru smells like cinnamon buns and Chris smells like apple pie? Does this mean that he is a glutter (well, a glutter besides that one time in "Betrayals").

Why is Hiro so protective of Dru? 
Is it just because she is svetocha and therefore precious? Or are there other reasons why?

Why do Hiro and Christophe apparently hate one another?
So a lot of people seem not to really like Christophe, but Hiro? Well he had to literally be restrained (and vice versa) from ripping Chris's head off.

What isn't Dru remembering about the night that her mother died?
Clearly she remembers something because of that little break-down she has when Chris asks her the same question/ the weird dreamish things that she keeps having (ie. Anna stopping by her mother's house and her mother kicking Anna out and telling her to never darken her doorstep). What I also want to know is why is it so important that Dru remembers that night? Unless of course, there were multiple involved in her mother's death?

What does moj maly ptaszku mean?
Scratch that. I googled it, it means "My little bird" or "My princess".

What is Dibs' deal with the Broken?
I feel like Dibs has a family member that was Broken because every time someone mentions the Broken in his presence he clams up and goes all pale (well more quiet/ pale than he typically is).

Who are the Maharaj/ jinni? Will they play a part in any future novels?
These beings were just briefing mentioned, but that it all it takes for me to be intrigued! Can anyone say "spin-off"?!? ;)

What exactly is taught in the sympathetic sorcery classes?
This class sounds like it belongs in the world of "Harry Potter" (so therefore obviously it contains fantabulousness!)...

How exactly did Scarabus take away the vampires ability to walk in the sun? 
Like the Maharaj/ jinni, I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

And the most important question of all?!? What do banana lattes taste like?
So I personally don't drink anything besides water so I think that coffee is pretty repulsive. But then banana-flavoured coffee? Would that banana taste be like the little kids banana flavoured medicine? If so, that plus coffee? *Shudder*

So for those of you who have read the series, what is your opinion? Do you think that some of my theories are entirely crazy? Or do you agree with me?


  1. I just glanced at it per your warning, but this was a very throughly great way to break things down. I'll have to come back to it when I finally read the series.

  2. Aw, I'm bummed that I was unable to read this list, having not read this series yet, because I just love pondering longstanding questions that I'm dying to have answered! I did sneak a peak at the last question though: banana lattes?! Ew. But I can think of a few people in my life who would probably love them.

  3. Ok, I know this was ages ago and Defiance is out and so is Reckoning, but there is still one question that has not been resolved yet (am 1/3 through Reckoning.) WHAT IS DRU SHORT FOR??? I need to know!!! Graves asked her in Betrayals and she said "I'll tell you later" HOW MUCH LATER?!?! Grr. Sorry - needed to vent :) I hope it will be answered before the series is over. And for those of you that know, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME!!! ChiCharmsxxx


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