Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Spirit" by Brigid Kemmerer

Release Date: May 28, 2013
Publisher: K Teen
Pages: 301

From Goodreads: "With power comes enemies. Lots of them.

Hunter Garrity just wants to be left alone. He’s learned the hard way that his unusual abilities come at a price. And he can’t seem to afford any allies.

He’s up to his neck in hostiles. His grandfather, spoiling for a fight. The Merrick brothers, who think he ratted them out. Calla, the scheming psycho who wants to use him as bait.

Then there’s Kate Sullivan, the new girl at school. She’s not hostile. She’s bold. Funny. Hot. But she’s got an agenda, too.

With supposedly secret powers rippling to the surface everywhere around him, Hunter knows something ugly is about to go down. But finding out what means he’ll have to find someone he can trust…"

Brigid's "Elemental" series quickly became one of my most favourite series last year, with a cast of amazing (not to mention swoon-worthy) characters, an intriguing storyline quite unlike anything I had ever read before, and a heart-pounding, fast-paced plot. However, after having finished this book I must admit that I didn't feel like this book quite lived up to its predecessors- that it lost a lot of the magic that I had come to know and love.

My largest complaint of this book is the love interest, Kate. Unfortunately she rubbed me the wrong way from the get-go and I was unable to shake those feelings as the story progressed. I felt that she was overly manipulative and I couldn't connect to her on any level (nor could I even dredge up much sympathy when her past was revealed).

Furthermore, while Hunter has always been one of my most favourite characters, I felt that he couldn't carry a book on his own. My most favourite parts of this book was when one of the Merrick boys was incorporated in one way or another- for instance, when Hunter and Gabe were verbally sparring with one another or when Michael thought of Hunter as little more than another one of his younger brothers (Michael, in my opinion, was the shining star of this book).

That being said, despite my complaints I cannot wait for the final two installments in this series- I have no doubt that Brigid will be able to impress where this book faltered, finding that Merrick magic that we have all come to know and love.

Rating: 3/5

I received this book from the blog tour host to read and honestly review. I was not compensated in any way for said review.


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