Monday, December 17, 2012

Guest Post: Author Hanna Peach

Today I am honored to have author Hanna Peach stop by the blog to tell us the heartwarming story about how she became a published author!

A sunflower & how I came to be published… 

I wrestled with whether this story was too personal to tell, too soon to tell... I’ve been told, as writers, that we must ‘tell the truth’. So…

…this is what happened.

I had wanted to be a writer since I was seven, but for the lack of confidence in me, I was never serious about my writing. Instead, I dabbled, I hobbied, I busied myself with a ‘real job’. But always there was this sense that it wasn’t enough for me.

In early 2012 I was accepted into a week-long writing Masterclass, where I met my writing mentor, the man who would change me as a writer forever. He was one of Australia’s most popular writers, having published (to date) 21 bestselling novels. For some reason he saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I left that Masterclass with these words in my ear, “Keep writing, Hanna. You’re going to make it.”

In September he announced that he was dying of cancer and asked would I fly down to see him one last time, to do one last Masterclass with him. With a sob in my throat, I said yes. The trip was joyful and devastating at the same time. How blessed was I to spend one last week with such an amazing man, how blessed was my life to be touched by his.

This time I left holding a small sunflower seedling – his last gift to me – in one hand and these last words ringing in my ears, “My one regret with you is that I won't live to see you published.”

The best way to ignite a fire in my heart is to tell me that something can't be done. His words were a challenge I fully, yet silently, accepted. Dammit, he was going to see me published. Traditional publishing was too long a lead time and he didn’t have that much time, so indie-publishing was the way to go.

Since I left him that day, I secretly, desperately, worked every second of my spare time to get my book published so that I could surprise him… as a ‘Thank You’ to him for his belief in me and his mentorship over the last year, to show him that his legacy will live on through me. I finished the manuscript, had it edited, cover art professionally done... I made mistakes, drank too much coffee, read everything I could about indie-publishing… I filmed a book trailer, setup a website, a facebook page and an account with Amazon…

Now here I am. A published author. Thanks to him… the man who believed in me until I could believe in myself.

It’s my turn to say to you… Keep writing.

x Hanna


My mentor passed away late Thursday night on 22nd November. His sunflower bloomed overnight on the Thursday of his passing and its’ beautiful yet humble face was a comfort to me when I found out the news on Friday. I know this is him saying farewell.

My book was published on Friday 23rd November.

This may seem like a sad epilogue, but it’s not. He may not have seen the book but I’m sure he knows. In fact, he knew before I did. Wherever he is now, I know he is proud of me.

From Goodreads: "An army of angels walk among us. They have kept us safe and ignorant, so far.
Earthbound for centuries and ruled by the Elders, they have established hidden cities, a society and The Code: obey your Elders, kill all demons, eliminate Rogue-angels, protect the mortals, remain hidden. Their warriors are the ungifted earthborn angels armed with blades and the ‘borrowed magics’ of distilled angel-blood tattoos.

Alyxandria is a young warrior with a fondness for customized knives and illegal night-races. If only she could overcome the taint of her parents who abandoned her to become Rogues.

When Alyx saves Israel, a gifted mortal with a past, she is forbidden to see him again. But she can’t help herself, drawn to him through their Guardian-bond, an ancient and long-forgotten bond; if he dies, she dies.

An encounter with a handsome Rogue leaves Alyx questioning all she has been taught to believe. Alyx begins to dig into the Elders’ secrets. Two thousand years of secrets that begin with the death of the Archangel Raphael. She is not prepared when she uncovers an Elder’s dark plan.

Somewhere on earth is a key to unlock hell. Somewhere on earth are pieces of an amulet that controls Lucifer and his army. Somehow Israel is the link and now both sides are after him. Who can Alyx trust when Good and Evil is no longer clear?

The war for earth begins."

About the Author: A writer of fantastical things, especially stories with fangs, magic or wings.

I want to tell you tales that will rip away the glamour from your life, keep you running and fighting and gasping long past the devil’s hour and maybe, just maybe, reality will look a little bit different when you return.

Sit with me around this witchlight. Let me tell you a story.


  1. Wonderful guest post. Sad to hear her mentor has passed but he would so proud of her. Thanks for sharing this.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  2. What a sad but wonderful story. It's very inspirational!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  3. How can I add to the previous two comments. Ditto? Thank you for sharing your heart. I just purchased your book on Amazon and look forward to reading Angelfire.

    1. I hope you enjoy Angelfire! would love to hear what you thought of it when you are finished :)
      x Hanna

  4. Thank you all for your kinds words. Today I harvested the seeds from the sunflower and start the task of giving them away so I can 'pay it forward' as Bryce asked me to do :)
    Much love, Hanna Peach


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