Saturday, November 20, 2010

*Drum Roll Please...*

So I now have officially have... 100 followers (you guys rock- thanks so much!)! So what does this mean?!? The prize  for my FIRST EVER FANTABULOUS GIVEAWAY has been BIGGASIZED! This means that I will awarding THREE $15 Amazon gift cards, one to each of THREE lucky winners!

But wait...

Since you guys are so fantabulous (100 followers in less than a month- and there is still a month left in the contest), I think that we can gather even more followers! What I propose is that if we can reach 150 followers I will bump up each of the three $15 Amazon gift cards to $25 each! If we can reach 200 followers between now and the end of the contest I will bump up the three gift cards to $40 each! Would it be so much more awesome-er getting $40 worth of books rather than just $15?!?

I believe in your skills!

Also, I should make note that I originally said that the contest was going to end on December 24th. But seeing as I am going to be in a car all day/ night, driving from Ontario, Canada to Pigeon Forge Tennessee it will be pretty much impossible for me to blog. Therefore the contest will now actually be ending a couple of days earlier, on December 22nd! I hope no one is affected/ cheesed off by this.


  1. Congrats on the big 1-0-0!! I know I was stoped when I hit 100 and it was only a month ago!! Congrats again!!

  2. super congrats on reaching 100 followers! thats awesome!

    and btw, just a tip, why not make it a choice between Amazon and Book Depository for the gift card? Book Depot delivers world wide with free shipping and it will be great for your international followers =D




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