Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am Number Four Movie Trailer

Kinda crazy... I didn't think that they had even started filming "I am Number Four" but apparently I was wrong. I did a review of the book a month and a bit ago, and while it was an okay book, it wasn't my most favourite by any means.

Last night when I saw "Skyline" I saw "IAN4"'s preview, and let me tell you, in my opinion I think that it looks pretty good! I love  I do think that this will be one of those instances where the movie is better than the books (*cough, cough, "Beastly"* what is it with Alex movies looking to be a gazillion times better than the book?)... Anyways, without further ado, the trailer!

EDIT: Also, here is an interesting article that was brought to my attention regarding James Frey one of the co-authors of this book (Thanks Stephanie). I would really recommend taking a look at it!

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  2. Book bloggers everywhere need to stop supporting I Am Number Four--or anything produced by James Frey. If you haven't heard about his "fiction factory" you need to read this article:

    James Frey created a firm to write YA series--he's already got 27 series in the works--with the intention of making movies and merchandise. I Am Number Four was purchased by Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg BEFORE a publisher bought the rights to it. That means the book is filled with product placement for movie merchandising. They even changed things in the book to make more merchandising possible--this entire series is an attempt to manipulate teenagers into buying crap!

    Why is the YA community helping to bolster Frey's despicable business practices? Anything he produces should be blacklisted. He picked YA because he thinks teenage readers are stupid and can be manipulated by flashy marketing and merchandise--and so far he's been very successful. There are so many earnest YA writers out there putting their hearts into producing quality YA lit, and we spend time celebrating this packaged, manipulative drivel? Please let's not give his works anymore attention.

  3. @ Stephanie: Wow, that is some pretty heavy stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    When I first skimmed your comment/ hadn't fully processed it yet and saw that it said that there was a bunch of product placement in it, in all honesty, I thought that that was crazy. I couldn't remember stumbling across anything like "Happy Meals" or "Mac Computers", for instance, but movie merchandising like the Mogadorian swords? Never even considered things along those lines.

    It does sound terrible, but I am not going to lie, I am pretty ignorant about the whole technicalities/ the situation. But what I wonder is... This movie is being targeted to young adults (so around 18-24 years of age), what young adult seriously goes out and buys a replica weapon from a movie? Sure, little kids will buy Harry Potter wands or things along those lines, but this movie isn't geared towards the youngsters... And therefore if they don't see it (which they probably won't), who will purchase the products since I am pretty sure that YA would rather buy an IPod or something along those lines, and not some action figure or whatnot?

    And this might sound terrible of me to say, but the books that his company is set to publish? "...a project about a girl raised in a cult who “suddenly begins to remember her previous life”; an “untitled paranormal love story” about teen lovers, one dead, in which “we watch the couple struggle to communicate: he miserable in heaven, and she understandably distraught”; an “untitled apocalypse idea” about a girl who enrolls in a summer camp and “finds herself in for a hell of a lot more than rope climbing”; and a “high-school revenge project” in which “four girls from separate cliques at a high school discover they’ve all been date-raped by the same guy and team up to plot vicious revenge.” They all do sound like books that I would read/ look forward to reading. In all honesty... :/

    Also what I wonder is, is this something that does happen a lot in the publishing world, but that is kept more under wraps?

    Again, thanks for sharing.

    FYI: if there is anymore responses to this topic, please keep everything nice (aka no bashing or whatnot), or I will be forced to delete your comment.

  4. That's interesting, and a very different perspective from mine. Thanks for being honest :) I agree about the swords--I wouldn't buy one--but apparently movie merchandising is a HUGE money-maker.

    Doesn't it concern you, though, that the creator of these works is using plot elements and themes specifically to manipulate you, the reader? Specifically to get your money? I would find it difficult losing myself in a book that I know was created by a man whose aim is to target people like me--it would be very hard not to imagine him rubbing his hands together diabolically with every sentence I read. My favorite books are written by authors I love, who are generous and care about their reader. I couldn't stomach a book that was written with such little respect for the reader.

    I'm an aspiring YA author, too, and have spent forever trying to craft a book that will challenge the reader, that is well-written and free of cliche, that is quality. It hasn't been easy. In fact, it's been the most difficult thing I've ever done. But I care about my prospective reader way too much to pass them some crappy story with bad writing. Reading about how Frey is not only producing these books, but being wildly successful at it, really makes me upset, both as a reader and a writer.

  5. Movie merchandising... Please tell me that it isn't going to be like those ridiculous Justin Bieber PJs that all the little girls are making their parents rush out and buy them *shakes head* ;)

    When I read the book/ reviewed it I did think that I thought that the book had the potential to be really good, but it didn't live up to it and I guess that this situation might really explain it. I understand that Hughes got dealt a pretty crappy hand in the whole ordeal- all I can hope for is that he did beneft from it in some way (ie. that the rumors of him becoming wealthy are true, that he knows not to trust skeezy businessmen in the future, that Agony At Dawn gets published, and that he might have the ability to write a spin-off of the series in the future- let's be honest, this book/ movie is going to be huge, so if he is able to write a spin-off, I am sure that it too would do quite well). And that future writers will be aware of what they are truly getting into when they sign a contract with this company.

    And what you said is true, it is always so nice when authors truly appreciate their readers, answer their questions and whatnot, take Rachel Vincent and Cassandra Clare for instance. Both are great ladies, they actively participate in their chat boards, love answering questions, and will respond to their fans emails (well at least Rachel will- I have never tried emailed Cassandra- I emailed Rachel a few years ago and she sent me a lovely email back)- authors like them just warm my heart and makes me love their books even more than I already do...

    And I can totally understand where you are coming from, writing is clearly something you are passionate about, very knowledgeable about, and whatnot. I wish you all of the best in your writing! And when it gets difficult at some points, just remember that it is something honest, real, and something that you can really be proud of (especially when it knocks the socks off of "IAN4" ;) )... and if you ever need someone to review it, you know where to turn to... ;)

  6. Thanks! I'd love to send you an ARC when I get published :) I decided to write a blog post about this. I've never blogged before but I just felt the need! If you're interested, you should check it out!


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