Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spotlight Sunday: Swag Bucks

So I thought that it would be fun to start a little weekly event called “Spotlight Sunday” where I feature something that I come across and I think that EVERYONE should know about, something that I think is under-appreciated, something that I find interesting, or something along those lines. And now you also can participate in my weekly "Spotlight Sunday" by grabbing my button!

Okay, so I have to tell y'all about something cool I discovered about a few months ago.  Swag Bucks (and no worries, I am no way affiliated with Swag Bucks ;) ). I just think that this is something that not a lot of people are aware of and they totally should be!

So here is how Swag Bucks work (the simplified version), it is a site where  you can earn points by using its search engine tool, when you use this you have the chance of winning points (usually I win between 7-12 points from using this tool, but in some cases you can win upwards of 50 points and on Fridays is Mega Swag Bucks Day and you can win up to 1000 points from one search! Super simple!).

You can also participate in the daily poll on the website, initially you will receive 1 point for doing this, but as your time as a member grows, so will your awarded point value (I now receive 2 points for doing this and I have only been a member for about two months).

You can also win points by participating in "Trusted Surveys", this function can award major points (upwards of 150 points), but a downfall is it can take a lot of time (40 minutes) and sometimes it is hard to actually qualify to participate in a survey (Swag Bucks always tells you what the chances are that you will be able to participate in a survey (ie. 60% or 3%)- don't let this get you down though! I totally participated in a survey the other day that I only had a 3% chance of qualifying for and I ended up with 150 points in the end... Score! Oh, and I should mention, just by vising the "Trusted Survey" page you are awarded points.

And now the fun part... The points! So it doesn't take very long at all for those points to add up and once they do! Well, let me tell ya... You can get lots of cool free stuff (and this is legitimate, I swear, I have been awarded 3 prizes already. No one asks for your credit card number, they ACTUALLY do send you the prize, you don't get tons of random spam in your inbox and whatnot). For instance, if you live in the States you can get a necklace, school supplies, and whatnot. Seeing as I am Canadian I am only able to get gift cards, but heck, that is a-okay with me!

So you may be wondering, what does this have to do with books? Well, using my points I have been buying myself $5.00 gift cards for 450 points (you can also get gift cards to and using this method). $5.00 may not seem like very much if you think about it, new hardcover releases that are typically $20.00 at a bookstore are $15.00ish on Amazon, add a free $5.00 gift card to that and you are getting the book for half price, only $10.00 (and who doesn't love a good deal?)!

Now, they do carry $50 Amazon gift cards for 5,900 points, but why would you buy one of those for that price when you can buy 10 $5 cards for 4,500 points? See! Saving on book purchases and saving on points!  ;)

And if you buy as many books as I do you know that it can quickly add up ($1000 Amazon bill... Oops! ;) ), so this is a really great way to save money. Best of all, it's free to join, its for realsies, and it is super easy to use! I def. think that everyone should take advantage of this!

If you want to try out Swag Bucks click HERE

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